Who We Are

Roj Women Association was founded 10 years ago to provide services to young minority ethnic girls and women migrated to the United Kingdom (UK) from Kurdish regions fleeing from war, persecution, oppression and discrimination within Turkey, Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

It is a non-profitable and voluntary child, youth, elderly and family organisation and one of few centres in London providing support to 60 000 young girls and women and their 300,000 family residents in the UK with opportunities in order to access resources and services and improve the quality of their lives.

The RWA makes it sure that our organization still continues to delivery its current services as follow:

We deliver various different community projects in health, educational, social, cultural, and advice and advocacy to maximise the skills and knowledge of the service users.

Our projects are delivered by the employment commission made of the coordinator, project manager(s), and development and case workers, trained volunteers and over-seen by the Management Committee.

Our workers are very professional and well-trained and hold relevant degrees in accordance to their line works or projects. They are multi or bi-lingual.