Textile Project

With the Textile project, Rojwomen aims to create the space and facilities for Kurdish women to rekindle with the weaving and seamstress skills they have been taught from a young age by the older generation of women.

Immigration to the UK has made some of these women lose touch with their craft and our aim is to reintroduce them into this area to create financial opportunities. Since these women already have these skills, we utilise this and often times this is easier than training them from scratch.

Our Textile project provides Kurdish and Turkish women with the space and facilities to produce garments while gradually building a sense of independence and empowerment. In this sacred space we also encourage dialogue on how to challenge patriarchy and gender stereotypes while improving social skills. We hope that with this project these women will feel like they can be financially independent, feel included in society and have new financial opportunities.

We aim to turn this project into a sustainable enterprise so we can create a nurturing and flexible working environment for these women.