The philosophy commission closely works with all service users regardless to their background. It is formed by the service users who appointed 5 delegates to represent the service users’ interests. It prevents any social issues from escalating which may damage individuals, as well as community. It meets once a month. It has a committee who leans the all parties whom may conflict over a disagreement. It encourages involved parties to reach consensus through available alternatives.

It helps people to have decent and adequate access to the services such as; equal treatment at Centre. One of its main goals is no one shall be discriminated on the basis of their gender, sexuality, religion, social, political beliefs and their way of life on the basis of foundational equality. It strongly believes in foundational equality and their philosophy is that every human being is born with some inseparable basic or natural rights (right to water, food, a shelter and representation…).

It has dealt with many social rights issues (equal access to exist opportunities such as education and employment…) It runs entirely by volunteers and offering understanding the true nature of its existence and essence or in other words; its ontological approach is only the dedication and respect and values are based on ecology and human rights.