Missions Visions & Values

Our missions are:

To tackle the needs (issues) surrounding minority ethic girls and women at the risk of finding themselves in vulnerable circumstances and offer emergency services, advice and support to help them overcome issues.

To assist young girls and women who suffer from cultural confusion and act as a bridge and make them to come forward and talk about their issues in a safe and friendly environment.

To alleviate difficult circumstances and issues they face – for example, to encourage young girls and women to tackle discrimination, make pro-active decisions and choices.

To address the impending empowerment needs of women within this considerably large and invisible minority ethnic group. The numbers of women migrated from Kurdish regions in London are estimated to be around 60.000, mainly settled in the boroughs of Hackney, Islington, Haringey, Enfield  and the rest live overall in Greater London.



Our visions are:

To remove obstacles or barriers for migrant young girls and women – for example, prevent them to be alienated and isolated from their communities on the basis of their gender and because they lack self-confidence or have a serious illness or disability.

To help the minority ethnic girls and women live in disadvantaged and marginalised areas to overcome issues and be more active within community.

To provide spaces for girls and young women where they feel comfortable and safe an environment which provides activities for young girls and women to engage in topical discussions around gender, and events promoting education, gender equality and make them gain self-confidence.


Our Values are:

To encourage self-efficiency and empowerment and develop a collaborative work for the young girls and women to involve in designing, getting trained and taking part in delivering activities or work we do.

To provide the participants involved with an evaluating and monitoring forms designed to gather a wide range of feedback and statistics which later to be recorded and analysed, and collect evaluative feedback through the group discussions would allow us to gather the data and gain evidence to make it sure that targets are met and outcomes have long lasting effects on the parties involved and maximise their knowledge and allow them to cope with issues.

To plan strategic layout and its purpose is to educate young girl and women in terms of their differences and promote equality, fairness and diversity.