Educational activities are not limited to children at the RWA. Adults of all age groups are also given the opportunity to learn. Being able to communicate effectively in English is essential to develop independence and to both contribute to society and to benefit from what life in the UK offers.

Many newcomers to this country are held back by their inability to understand or speak English. The classes run at the Selby Centre and we encourage our service users to take part in them and we help many students take those first steps towards becoming fluent English speakers and going on to build more independent and fulfilling lives.

Classes are held Monday to Friday inclusively during school term times. Classes are currently held for Entry Level Beginner.


The Supplementary School is one of our most prized and needed projects. Statistics from the local authority continue to show underachievement among Kurdish young people. The project has operated without any external support until now and delivered in our other sister organisation in Haringey and Hackney.

While this support falls short of what is needed to run the school at the level we are aiming for it is a gratefully appreciated contribution and it demonstrates Haringey’s acknowledgement of the important role of the RWA Supplementary School in tacking poor academic performance.

Main subjects taught in the supplementary school as follows with an exemplary of teaching outcomes:

-Kurdish language key stage 1-4
-English key stage 1-4
-Maths key stage 1-4
-Science key stage 1-4


Outcome 1:

  • To provide 1 group work session a week targeting students from the Minority Ethnic Communities to raise the awareness achievement in education.


  • To provide a minimum of 40 sessions in 2016-2017
  • To target a minimum of 10 (average) students attending the group (4 groups x 10 = 40 students) on a weekly basis for exercise classes and interactive formal and informal learning environment.
  • To provide students to have access to better marks and higher achievements in education and encourage integration.


Outcome 1 Achieved from previous academic year:

  • 40 sessions has been delivered throughout the year.
  • An average of 10 students have attended each class and 1 session delivered on a weekly basis.
  • Over 40 individuals have been assisted to do better in their education to have access to relevant facilities to maximise their skills to contribute to cultural, social and political integration to maximise service user’s educational level.


As can be seen from the above delivered outcome, this programme has been especially designed to concentrate on and encourage the children to succeed in core subjects at their mainstream schools as well as to develop awareness and further their understanding of Kurdish culture and heritage and language skills. It is hoped that this will build up their self-esteem and confidence in order to facilitate their integration into both the local ethnic community and the community at large.

The ethos is to support the children and encourage them to complete tasks independently. The continued achievements of pupils are extremely important. For this reason systems have been developed for tracking the student’s performance by closely monitoring of its pupils through continuous internal assessment.