Domestic Violence Project

The Roj Women organisation is a voluntary child, youth, elderly and family’s organisation specifically focuses on female service users or women clients/victims who experienced, have experienced and are experiencing some sort of violence and trauma which they find it very difficult to cope with and see us as a first contact.

The project is managed by multi and bilingual staff who work alongside the case workers in a safe and confidential environment.

It offers expertise, knowledge and skills to meet or clients’ needs. It is a main bridge which allows our service users to express themselves and integrate with British communities.

The project’s infrastructure is designed to employ people who share the similar social, cultural and religious backgrounds to service users.

It removes cultural obstacles and encourages reluctant victims to come forward due to their upbringing and make things a lot easier for the victims to come forward and talk about their issues in a safe and confidential environment and have a vast network in order to maximise our customer-focused.

The projects is delivered in various location and deliver health, educational, cultural and social activities around the theme of domestic violence for the benefit of Kurdish, Turkish, Cypriot, Arabic and British women and their families and wider minority ethnic communities who live in marginalised and disadvantaged areas and come vulnerable backgrounds.

The project mainly focuses on violence and its issues among migrant young girls and women and put intervention programmes to stop issues from escalating.