Beneficiaries are young girls and women who live in the poorest, marginalized and disadvantaged parts or areas of Greater London.

Beneficiaries come from various different social, cultural, political religious and economic backgrounds and our projects objectives are to remove any barriers which prevent beneficiaries to establish a health and stable communication and share interpersonal and organizational skills -key to their right of representation – in tackling with the issues.

To provide beneficiaries with opportunities to take active parts in educational, social and cultural work sessions and encourage them to give verbal and written feedback

Some beneficiaries are volunteers who would come on the project(s) they will sit in the Management Committee where they will have opportunities to initiate their ideas, put them in practice and scrutinise them throughout the implementations.

In some cases, the beneficiaries may directly involve with the project(s) to encourage them to gain self confidence and develop their employment skills to prevent isolation and make them to realize their full potentials.

Finally, beneficiaries’ direct involvement may prevent them from developing mental health issues and equip them with coping strategies for the most recent psychological issues which can cause long term and short term mental health issues.

The participants are provided with chances to come up with new ideas and apply those to their environment have a chance to build on their existent skills throughout work-placement and running services.